The Store for Your State PTA sells PTA & PTSA branded items on your behalf.  We stock hundreds of items including awards, apparel, meeting accessories, membership drive supplies, volunteer gifts, Reflections Awards, lapel pins, and so much more. Our staff handles all customer service matters and professionally fulfills all orders in quick fashion. We also supply your State PTA with marketing materials like flyers & social media posts to advertise your store.

No website setup costs or monthly fees!  We cover the normally expensive aspects of running an online store like product inventory, website development and credit card fees. Your only commitment is to assist in promoting your store with email blasts, social media posts, website links and flyer distribution.

ShopPTA Fulfillment Reports

Quarterly Royalty Payments  Each quarter, your State PTA will receive a report detailing each customer name and purchase made by your members. Included will be a payment for 15% of all sales made from your state.



State PTA Bulk Discount / Convention Merchandise Program  All PTA logo products we offer online can also be sold at your annual convention. We have a special convention merchandise program where you  wholesale purchase items from us with free freight.  Order the quantities you anticipate needing, sell what you can and then ship back the unsold items.

Our Bulk Discount program can  be used for several needs beyond conventions. Whenever your state needs a bulk order of PTA logo items, we are ready for you at great low prices.

Click here for more details + pricing on our State PTA Bulk Discount Program


ShopPTA / Marketing Toolbox
A quick resource to cut and paste images to help you promote your Shop store.

Marketing Toolbox


For more information,  please contact...

Mark D. Kuli, Owner - / Kustom Imprints

(800) 683-5854 Ext. 106   -