Marketing Toolbox

Marketing Toolbox



To achieve the proper sales results from your online store, we recommend that you advertise it at least once a month.  Often it will take several exposures of an advertisement to your members before they take any action. One brief mention here and a small ad there is not enough.   Your online store has many beneficial PTA & PTSA products.   You should consistently promote your site each month.  Our Marketing Toolbox has several free resources for you to use, so marketing your online store is super easy.  

Four effective ways to advertise your store...

#1- Provide a good link or links from your own website


Survey your website and make sure that the online store link is easy to find on the first page.  In many cases, you’ll want to have an image or banner ad to display with a link to the store when clicked. We have already created stock images in the ShopPTA Web Ads page. We can also create a custom image for your website free of change in any specific sizing or design needed.  To submit a request for a custom web image - Click Here.

#2- Distribute our FREE flyers and promotional cards Main Flyer

If you have a planned mail-out or an event like a convention, these flyers are a great way to promote your online store.  To see all flyer options, Click Here.   Just email us how many you want and we'll send them out to you ASAP!


#3- Send broadcast email blasts and include ads in e-newsletters

Most State PTA's have regular communication with their members through broadcast email blasts and electronic newsletters.  When the space is available, include an advertisement for your online store.  We have several web ads that can be utilized or we can custom create an ad specific to your needs at no charge.

#4- Include in your social media posting


It's a good practice to periodically make a social media posting featuring specific product categories or even just a single product.  We have a Content Cut & Paste section in our Marketing Toolbox, so making a Facebook update or other posting is a snap!