Bulk Discount Program

Our same ShopPTA.com products can also be sold at your State Convention.  We offer a special Bulk Discount merchandise program tailored for State PTA annual conventions and other special events.  All of our items are sold at reduced/wholesale pricing and shipped to you free freight.   Your staff & volunteers sell the PTA items and you can also return any unsold items for full refund.   

Please see Free Freight Policy and Product Return Policy below.

Click the Download Order Sheets button to get the order sheets needed to place your Bulk Discount order purchase.  Once completed, these sheets can be faxed to us at (714) 771-5798 or emailed to mark@shoppta.com

Click the Download Product List & Princg to see images and full pricing details for each item offered.

Additional Purchasing Guidelines

Minimum Order – $200.00

Our Convention / Bulk Discount Merchandise Program is exclusive for State PTA’s.  Because this is discounted/wholesale pricing for all products plus free freight, we must have a $200.00 minimum order amount.

Please order 3 weeks (or more)  in advance

To ensure we have no inventory problems, please order 3+ weeks in advance of when we need to ship your goods.  We can work with tighter deadlines, but the earlier you order, the better chance all PTA items you want will be in stock!

Order Payment Process

Once you have submitted your order, we will immediately send you back a detailed invoice that lists all items and costs.  After you have approved our Bulk Buy invoice, your order will be sent to our fulfillment department.  Our accounting office will also contact you regarding payment.  While we don’t require payment to start processing your order, we do need the order to be paid before it ships.  We accept personal or State PTA checks or also a credit card payment over the phone.

This program can be used all year

Any State PTA can use our discounted, Bulk Buy program throughout the year.   If you have a special event or special need where you require any of  PTA & PTSA items that we offer, as long as you meet the $200.00 minimum, you can order with the same discounted rates & free freight.

Multiple Shipping Options

Plan where you want to receive your order.  We can ship to your State PTA office, to any store coordinators home, or even direct to a hotel or convention hall.  When placing your order be clear on the delivery address and an acceptable date to receive your order.

PTA Convention Price Tags

Tabletop Pricing Cards

At no cost to you, we can send ‘tabletop pricing cards’ with your order, so the process of displaying the merchandise at your convention store is a breeze.  All pricing is set at the same price that is listed online.

Free Freight Policy

All State PTA Bulk Discount orders will receive free ground freight provided the your order is placed by our 3 week leadtime.  Large shipments will be sent by UPS and cannot be shipped to a PO Box address.

Product Return Policy

We allow you to return all unsold stock items, provided they are returned in an unused, undamaged condition. Custom Shop items are not eligible for return. Returns must be made within 30 days of when you received the shipment. Please note that you are responsible for the shipping costs of all returned goods.

Returned goods are  subject to a restocking fee. Restocking fees are necessary for our company to recoup the free shipping to your location as well as processing labor.   Effective 1/1/2019, we have added a new restocking fee schedule…

  • If you return 10%  or less of your order – No Restocking Fee
  • If you return 11 – 25% of your order – 10% Restocking Fee
  • If you return 26% – 50% of your order – 15% Restocking Fee
  • If you return 51% or more of your order – 20% Restocking Fee

Bulk Discount program items are royalty free

Please note that the items we sell to you through our Bulk Discount program are not eligible for the 15% royalty.  Only items purchased through the ShopPTA.com website at our advertised, retail pricing earn your state the quarterly royalty.

Please contact us with any questions

We want your State PTA convention store to be a big success!  Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions about the products or even your process to sell the goods.  We have been a part of many different on-site PTA Stores and often our insights can help you improve your sales.

Please contact –  Mark D. Kuli at:   Mark@ShopPTA.com – (800) 683-5854  Ext. 106