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Silicone wristbands, pencils, stickers, bookmarks, backpack buddies, buttons, pledge certificates, posters, lawn signs, banners & much more.

Anti-Bullying Materials & Resources

Our anti-bullying materials were carefully developed through the assistance of the website. Please visit for more information on important topics such as cyberbullying, gender, LGBT, disabilities, teen dating violence, healthy relationships and more. You will find useful resources like campaign & conference materials, podcasts, videos, research, fact sheets and so much more.

Please also see these important NPTA resources…

 Drug Awareness & Prevention Items Sold at

Red Ribbon Week is an opportunity for schools to make a coordinated effort to educate their students regarding drug prevention. Red Ribbon Week generally takes place the last full week in October, with both weekends included as appropriate celebration dates. Your PTA or PTSA can assist in this effort with posting signs, banners, and posters on campus.  You can also give  the students drug prevention items to remember the week and make your awareness message more effective.

History of Red Ribbon Week…

Red Ribbon Week in a national week of awareness and activities across the United States. The red ribbon’s symbolize a commitment to be a positive role model and never abuse drugs or alcohol. The awareness week was started in response to the murder of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena in 1985.  Students and parents across the country began wearing red ribbons to raise awareness of the devastation drug abuse causes in America.

Red Ribbon Week activities continue to be one of the best ways to educate youth and encourage drug prevention. is a great resource for your PTA or PTSA to find effective and budget friendly drug prevention items.   Every year we add something here or there, so please let us know what awareness you would like to see in store  for the future.

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